Summer Show Schedule

Schedule 2021

Summer Show Saturday 28th  August at the Alan Rogers centre (next to the Princess Royal Sports centre)



Exhibitors please make entries in the special box on the entry form.

Presentation as well as quality will be taken into consideration in the judging.


Fruit Class              (Class 500)    Winner receives the URSULA TRACEY MEMORIAL TROPHY             

                                 A collection of 5 dishes of fruit to include at least 3 kinds of fruit.                                       (Holder: R.T. Homeshaw)

Vegetable Class    (Class 501)    Winner receives the BILL FLAY MEMORIAL TROPHY                             

                                 A collection of vegetables 6 distinct kinds to be staged at the exhibitor's discretion.         (Holder: Ron Symons)

                                 Maximum size 100cm x 76cm  (39" x 30")

Flower Class          (Class 502)    Winner receives the ROWE TROPHY                                                          (Holder: David Smith)

                                 A collection of 5 vases of cut flowers

                                Space allowed  137cm x 76cm (54" x 30")

Pot Plant Class     (Class 503)     Winner receives the CHALLENGE CUP given by the late Julian Fox         (Holder: David Smith)

                                A collection of 5 pot plants and/or house plants

                                Space allowed 137cm x 76cm (54" x 30")

Floral Art Class     (Class 504)     Winner receives the SOCIETY'S GOLDEN JUBILEE TROPHY                (Holder: Michele Weaver)

                                                       Title:  Inspired by ....  

                                              Source of inspiration  to be stated.

                                  To be staged in a space 120cm square.








The following trophies will be awarded:

The NORMAN BROTHERS' GOBLET for most points in the Fruit classes                                                                        (Holder: R Paul))

The SOCIETY PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP for most points in the Vegetable classes                                               (Holder: M Hawkins)

The SILVER JUBILEE SHIELD for the best exhibit in the Vegetable classes (10 - 40)                                                      (Holder: M Hawkins)

The TOM NATION CUP for the best exhibit in the Onion or Shallot classes  (13 - 17)                                                       (Holder: J Emerton)

The CECIL WEBBER MEMORIAL TROPHY for best exhibit in classes 43 and 44                                                           (Holder: M Broom)

The PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP given by the late Mrs E.M.Ralph, for most points in the Cut Flower classes         (Holder: D Smith)

The SID VAULTER TROPHY for the best exhibit in the Cut Flower Classes                                                                     (Holder: D Smith)

The RON HAYES CUP for the best exhibit in the Rose classes                                                                                         (Holder: M Hawkins)

The PHILIP ROWE MEMORIAL TRAY for best exhibit in the Chrysanthemum classes                                                    (Holder: D Smith)

The WELLINGTON WEEKLY TROPHY for the best exhibit in the Dahlia classes                                                             (Holder: D Smith)

The PETER SMITH MEMORIAL TROPHY given by the late Mrs A.Squire for best exhibit in the Pot Plant classes         (Holder: D Smith)





1.  Plums,                    6 specimens

2.  Dessert Apples,     6 specimens

3.  Cooking Apples,    6 specimens

4.  Apple,                    heaviest specimen (minimum 200g)

5.  Pears,                   6 specimens

6.  Soft fruit, one variety, displayed on a plate, 20cm / 8" maximum, quantity appropriate to kind.

7.  Any other kind of edible fruit, not included in classes 1 - 6, quantity appropriate to kind.

 Please name varieties, if possible





Please name varieties, if possible



10   Potatoes, white, 5 specimens (may include salad potatoes)

11   Potatoes, coloured, 5 specimens (may include salad potatoes)

12   Collection of potatoes, 3 cultivars (named) 3 plates of 3

13   Onions, 5 exhibition, from seed, dressed

14   Onions, 5 exhibition, from sets, dressed

15   Onions, 6 not exceeding 75mm - 3" in diameter, from seed

16   Onions, 6 not exceeding 75mm - 3" in diameter, from sets

17   Shallots, 12 specimens

18   Beetroot, 3 specimens

19   Carrots, stump rooted, 3 specimens

20   Carrots, long rooted or intermediate, 3 specimens

21   Parsnips, 2 specimens

22  French beans, 9 specimens

23  Runner beans, 9 specimens

24  Cabbage, 2 heads

25  Cauliflower, 2 heads

26  Vegetable marrow, 1 pair for table, not exceeding 30cm - 12"

27  Vegetable marrow, heaviest specimen

28   Courgettes, 3 specimens, not exceeding 15cm - 6"

29  Parsley, 6 stems in a vase

30   Red Tomatoes, dish of 5 specimens

31  Tomatoes, 1 truss ‘Cherry’ type

32  Tomatoes, dish of any other variety. e.g. plum, beefsteak, unusual

      colour, quantity appropriate to variety

33   Cucumber, 2, any variety

34   Sweet peppers, 3 specimens

35   Chilli peppers, 3 specimens

36   Rhubarb, 5 stems

37   Bunch of 5 radishes

38   Pumpkin, 1 specimen

39   Edible squash, 1 specimen

40   Any other vegetable

41   A misshapen vegetable!

42   Collection of culinary herbs, 6 distinct type, labelled and for decorative

  effect, in a space not to exceed 38cm - 15" square

43   Collection of salad items, 4 or more distinct kinds, arranged in a seed tray

44   Collection of mixed vegetables, 4 or more distinct kinds, in a trug, to

  appeal to the eye and palate

45   A ‘veggie box’ with produce grown on an allotment


Please name varieties, if possible













50   Rose, 1 specimen bloom

51  Rose, 3 stems

52   Container of mixed roses

53   Roses, one vase, one variety, to show 3 stages of growth

54   Dahlias, decorative, under 170mm, one vase, 3 blooms

55   Dahlias, decorative, over 170mm, 3 blooms

56   Dahlias, miniature / small ball, under 170mm, one vase, 3 blooms

57   Dahlias, pompom, under 52mm, one vase, 5 blooms, one or more variety

58   Dahlias, cactus or semi-cactus, under 170mm, one vase, 3 blooms

59   Dahlias, cactus or semi-cactus, over 170mm,  3 blooms

60   Dahlias, any other type, 3 blooms

61   Chrysanthemums, one vase, 3 blooms or 3 spray, one or more varieties.

62    Asters, one vase, 5 blooms

63   Gladioli, one vase, 3 spikes

64   Hydrangeas, one vase, 3 blooms

65   Penstemons, one vase, 5 stems

66   Sweet peas, one vase, 6 stems

67   Zinnias, one vase, 5 blooms

68   A garden flower, predominantly pink, one stem

69   Garden flowers, perennials, excluding flowers in classes, 50-69, one vase, one kind

70   Garden flowers, one vase, one colour predominating

71   Garden flowers, one vase any kind of annual, shown within 12 months of sowing

72   A vase of flowers whose name all begin with the same letter. eg. Astilbe, Aster.....Flowers to be listed.

73   A vase of mixed flowers

74   A display of fuchsias, 6 heads to be displayed in water – at least 3 different   varieties

75   Ornamental foliage, one vase, one or more kinds

76   Ornamental fruits or berries, one vase, one or more kinds

77   Flowering shrub, one vase, one or more kinds

78   A selection of grasses in a container

79   A selection of seed heads in a vase

80  A pretty leaf

81 A jam jar of weeds

82 Sunflowers, 3 stems






90    One pelargonium  / geranium

91    One fuchsia

92    One orchid, phalaenopsis

93    One orchid, any other variety

94    One fern

95    One flowering begonia

96    Any other flowering plant

97    Any other foliage plant

98    One cactus or succulent

99    One bonsai                                                                                                                        

100  A bucket of home made compost                                                                                   







Floral Art



The Humphries Perpetual Challenge Cup will be awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in classes 200-206. Holder: 

A Perpetual Challenge Cup given by the late Dr C. Fox will be awarded for the best exhibit in the Floral Art classes, 200 -206.  Joy garland

An exhibit is composed of natural plant material, with or without accessories, contained within the space specified in the show schedule. Plant material to predominate in all classes. Unless stated, the space allowed is:  width 76 cm, depth 76cm (30"), height optional. With the exception of class 204  all exhibits are to be staged in the hall. Tables are covered in a light blue/grey fabric. This year, exhibitors may bring exhibits partially or wholly done, in order to reduce time spent in the hall.


     200    Holiday 2021 - an exhibit to include red, amber and green flowers and foliage   

     201    Waves - an exhibit

     202    Bad Hair Day - an exhibit

     203    Going Green - an exhibit to exclude floral foam and not using flowers

     204     Staying Connected - an exhibit

     205     Grow Your Own - an exhibit to include fruit and/or vegetables. To be displayed in a seed tray, trug or plant pot

     206     Zoom - a petite exhibit , measuring not more than 25cm in width and depth. height to be in proportion.        






You can put two entries in any class but will be awarded one prize only                      

Children 4 and under

400   A Stick wand

401   A painted shell

402   A decorated box


Children aged 5 – 10

The Eyles Perpetual Cup, presented by Mrs B. Eyles, will be awarded to the exhibitor

with the most points in this group. ( Holder: Annabel Paul) 

The Children’s Perpetual Cup will be awarded for the most outstanding exhibit in this

age group.  (Holder: Annabel Paul)

405   A picture of fruit or vegetables (maximum size A3)

406   A vegetable animal

407   Something made from a stick

408   A vehicle made from junk

409   A miniature garden on a plate

410   An arrangement of flowers in a boot or shoe

411   A pretty leaf

412   A garden sign

413   A knitted or crafted item made from wool or felt

414   A lego garden

415   A selfie taken in the garden or park (maximum size A5) 

416   A small matchbox(55 x 35 mm max) filled with as many items beginning with the letter ‘T'. A list of

         the contents to be placed beside the matchbox

417   Any item of craft not included above


Children aged 11 – 16

The Spiller Perpetual Trophy, given by Mr T. Spiller, will be awarded to the exhibitor

with the most points in this group. (Holder: Ellie Pringle-Kosikowsky)

The Juniors’ Perpetual Cup will be presented for the most outstanding exhibit in this group.

(Holder:  Ellie Pringle-Kosikowsky)

The Schools’ Cup, given in memory of the late Dr and Mrs Harding, will be awarded to the

school with the most points in all Junior classes.

(Holder: Courtfields School)

425   A bunch of flowers made from recycled materials

426   Design a new garden tool

427   A selfie taken in the garden or park (xaximum size A5)

428  Design a 'Help save the Planet' poster

429  An arrangements of flowers in a boot or show

430   An upcycled item

431  An item of craft not included above







We encourage children to do their own exhibits with minimal help from an adult